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With over 30 years of expertise in the commercial property market, we have extensive experience in helping those looking to buy or let Class E properties. Within Class E, which encompasses Commercial, Business, and Service activities, you’ll find a diverse range of property options for medical, health, clinic, dental services, day nurseries, creches, indoor sports and recreation facilities like gyms and fitness centres, and more. It’s worth noting that Class E also includes some retail, restaurants, and office spaces, creating new opportunities for market crossover.

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Buying & Renting Properties for Use Class E

In September 2020, the government changed the use class categories within the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) order 1987 (As amended), which resulted in the D1 and D2 markets being revoked. The core of the D1/D2 market now falls within E class (Commercial, Business, and Service) which includes a diverse range of properties available for different business types, including health clinics, day nurseries, gyms, and fitness centres, amongst others.

Bernard Gordon & Co have worked in this market for 30+ years, and whilst the letter use class has changed, our knowledge and experience haven’t. We are still one of the leading agents within the day nursery, medical and fitness markets across London and the South East. We have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses source new properties over the years and have accumulated a substantial pool of experience and knowledge within the markets.

We understand the specifications for day nurseries include the size of the unit and classroom to ensure maximum capacity, outside space, parking & drop off facilities where applicable, longer leases to ensure continuous business, etc. We have the knowledge to find clinics/medical units/dental practices focusing on location, whether it is high footfall/passer-by trade or more discreet locations, we know decontamination rooms are necessary, DDA compliance and CQC approval need consideration, and we appreciate the size and accessibility of units are key. We have an abundance of knowledge on gyms and fitness studios, ensuring floor loading, ceiling heights, power supply, accessibility etc. Finally, within use class E, we also follow the latest trends within all our markets, especially medical and fitness, so we can be up to date on the latest requirements as and when these trends hit the market.

Use class E has opened new opportunities for former D1 and D2 occupiers that perhaps weren’t as easy previously, i.e., converting an office with a car park into a day nursery is a more straightforward process given both fall within use class E. This is also the case when converting a high street shop into a fitness studio or a medical clinic, given that both fall within use class E. It is essential, when it comes to planning permission and advice, that any tenant or purchaser satisfies themselves with planning permission as conditions, section 106 notices, and other legislations can sometimes restrict the use of a property; therefore, we advise anyone to seek advice from a planning consultant. For full information on the new planning use class categories, please visit

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How We Can Help

Please do get in touch if you wish to discuss this further; we specialise in the following:

  • Disposals by way of lease or sale of freehold or long leasehold interest properties suitable for use class E
  • Purchasing freeholds and long leaseholds of properties suitable for use class E
  • Rentals on new leases for properties suitable for use class E
  • Guidance on opportunities that require planning permission and working with various suppliers to ensure the correct advice is given from the right source

Expert D1/E Commercial Property Assistance

  • We can provide guidance in terms of rental levels likely achievable should a property come to market suitable for D1/D2/E use
  • We can provide guidance in terms of sale levels likely achievable should a property come to market suitable for D1/D2/E use
  • We can advise on the process of renting or selling a property from start to finish, offering advice, guidance, and recommendations along the way
  • We can offer guidance in suitable properties, planning implications, lease terms, negotiating etc.
  • We can provide an up-to-date guide on market trends should you need a better understanding of the market

Please contact us for further assistance with your property search; we are always delighted to help.

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