Selling/Letting Your Property

With over 4,000 live applicants seeking properties suitable for occupation for D1 & D2 uses (now E, F1, F2 and Sui Generis), we are currently experiencing increasing demand and a shortage of supply throughout all sectors. We have demand throughout Central London and the Greater London areas extending to the M25 and throughout the South East of England. Properties are required for D1 uses (now E, F1, F2 & Sui Generis) including; day nurseries, schools, training, religious/community purposes, medical, dental and specialist uses etc, as well as for D2 purposes (now E) including gyms, yoga & pilates studios, boutique fitness studios etc.

All properties including freehold and long leasehold, as well as to rent, preferably with planning permission for D1/D2 uses (E, F1, F2 and Sui Generis) are of interest. Properties will also be favorably considered subject to obtaining planning permission for a change of use to D1 or D2 (E, F1, F2 & Sui Generis). Please see planning use classes below:

User Class Previous User Class New User Class from 1st September 2020
Clinics, health centres, creches, day nurseries, day centres D1 E
Schools, non-residential education, training centres, places of worship, museums, libraries, public/exhibition halls, art galleries D1 F.1
Cinema, concert halls, bingo halls, dance halls, launderettes, sale of motor vehicles, taxi business, betting shops D2 Sui Generis
Gymnasiums, yoga/pilates studios, indoor recreations not involving motorised vehicles D2 E
Local community hall or meeting place D2 F.2
Indoor or outdoor swimming baths, skating rinks & outdoor sports D2 F.2

This highly specialised niche sector of the property market requires a highly specialised agency to deal with all the aspects necessary to understand the requirements of those looking to sell and lease as well as those looking to buy and rent D1/D2 accommodation (now E, F1, F2, and Sui Generis).

Ben Wallis has over 11 years of experience dealing solely within this niche market and Bernard Gordon FRICS has been dealing with D1/D2 properties for nearly 30 years and this is why Bernard Gordon & Co is now one of the leading agents/consultants in this sector of the property market.

Getting the right advice is paramount and getting the right advice in a niche market can be very difficult and frustrating. This is a market which we know and understand which is why many of the leading surveyors seek our specialist advice.

The first step towards selling or letting your property is to obtain an up to date appraisal from us. This service is free and entirely without obligation. Whether you are selling a freehold or a long leasehold interest or you want to let or assign an interest in your property, we will be pleased to help and assist.

An initial inspection will likely be necessary, following which you will be advised as to the recommended course of action necessary to affect a sale or letting. Once the recommendations have been accepted, our instructions will be confirmed, which will include all our terms and conditions and details of our fees.