New Government user class guidelines came into effect on 1st September 2020. The new classes comprise Class E (commercial, business and service uses), Class F.1 (learning and non-residential institutions), Class F.2 (local community uses) and Sui Generis (in a use class of its own).


User Class Previous User Class New User Class from 1st September 2020
Shops (retail, sandwich bars, hairdressers, pet shops, showrooms, dry cleaners, undertakers, travel agencies) A1 E
Shops (not exceeding 280 sq m) selling essential goods including food and at least 1km from another similar shop A1 F.2
Financial and professional services (banks, estate/employment agencies) A2 E
Cafés or restaurants A3 E
Pubs or drinking establishments A4 Sui Generis
Takeaways A5 Sui Generis
Office other than within class A2 B1a E
General industrial B2 B2
Storage or distribution B8 B8
Hotels, boarding & guest houses C1 C1
Residential institutions (hospitals, nursing/care homes) C2 C2
Clinics, health centres, creches, day nurseries, day centres D1 E
Schools, non-residential education, training centres, places of worship, museums, libraries, public/exhibition halls, art galleries D1 F.1
Cinema, concert halls, bingo halls, dance halls, launderettes, sale of motor vehicles, taxi business, betting shops D2 Sui Generis
Gymnasiums, yoga/pilates studios, indoor recreations not involving motorised vehicles D2 E
Local community hall or meeting place D2 F.2
Indoor or outdoor swimming baths, skating rinks & outdoor sports D2 F.2