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Properties Suitable for Health and Medical Use for Sale or to Let

Bernard Gordon & Co have a wealth of experience within the former D1, now use class E, commercial property sector of health and medical uses. Properties can range from GP surgeries, dental clinics, and cosmetic surgery clinics to wellbeing centres, physiotherapists, chiropractors etc., and anything in between. With the change in the planning laws to use class E, finding a property for health and medical use has never been easier.

We can help utilise our experience to focus your search. We have a range of health and medical properties available to rent and buy. Please look at the listings below and use the filters to sort properties for sale or to let.

Buying & Renting Medical Properties

Bernard Gordon & Co have particular expertise within the health and medical market. We have worked within the sector since 1993 and have seen huge growth in the past ten years. NHS contracts and tenders have been at the forefront of the market, with sites suitable for Dentists, Orthodontists, GPs etc. There have been many new inovations within this profession with the introduction of new technologies leading to new market sectors such as cosmetic surgery, invasive or non-invasive, and hair transplant clinics, etc.

We have primarily worked with properties within the private medical sector, having advised numerous practices on their property needs, including working with dentists and helping them to set up their first clinic and watching them grow to over 20 clinics, as well as aiding high-profile and net worth individuals set up clinics, leading onto salons and training centers as the business grows in line with market trends. In addition, we have helped in the disposal of many properties for GP surgeries, where the buildings are tired and old, but a new lease of life is waiting for the building from one of our many in-house registered applicants.

We see the opportunities from a property perspective where other markets perhaps wouldn’t, i.e., taking on buildings that don’t have any natural light, or are located on a lower ground floor that would not suit other commercial uses such as offices, retail or restaurant users etc. Such properties would be ideal for a medical user seeking a discrete location, or a health provider seeking a desirable location at a lower rent. We understand the needs for CQC, and the relevant authorities associated with medical and health uses. We also understand the demands that clinics and other medical users require to include such requirements for decontamination rooms ranging to a floatation tank, a rehab therapy room etc, etc.

Whether you are a healthcare provider searching for your ideal facility, a property investor looking to capitalise on the security of the medical real estate market, or a developer seeking to transform a property into a state-of-the-art healthcare destination, Bernard Gordon & Company is here to guide you every step of the way.

How We Can Help

Please do get in touch if you wish to discuss this further; we specialise in:

  • Disposals by way of lease or sale of freehold or long leasehold interest of D1/E properties suitable for medical use
  • Purchasing freeholds and long leaseholds of properties suitable for health and medical use
  • Rentals on new leases for properties suitable for health and medical use
  • Guidance on opportunities that require planning permission and working with various suppliers to ensure the correct advice is given from the right source

Expert D1/E Commercial Property Assistance

  • We can provide guidance in terms of rental levels likely achievable should a property come to market suitable for D1/E use
  • We can provide guidance in terms of sale levels likely achievable should a property come to market suitable for D1/E use
  • We can advise on the process of renting or selling a property from start to finish, offering advice, guidance, and recommendations along the way
  • We can offer guidance in suitable properties, planning implications, lease terms, negotiating etc.
  • We can provide an up-to-date guide on market trends should you need a better understanding of the market

Please contact us for further assistance with your property search; we are always delighted to help.

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