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Bernard Gordon & Co have worked in this market for over 30 years and fully understand the complexities and needs when searching for properties suitable for fitness studios. Previously falling under use class D2, following the planning changes in September 2020, they now fall within use class E. This has created various opportunities for studios, with properties previously not suitable now being prime targets. Fitness studios include yoga, Pilates, personal training, CrossFit, boxing and kickboxing studios, martial arts, specialist fitness classes such as boxercise or international fitness franchises, as well as other specialist users, and boutique style studios. We have a range of suitable properties available to rent and buy.
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Buying & Renting Fitness Studio Premises

While it isn’t unheard of for fitness studios to buy properties, from experience we know that the general market prefers to rent. Our extensive experience in this industry over many years has allowed us to assist in finding and securing studios in Central London, Greater London, and the South East. These types of studios tend to differ from Gyms that often take on larger space, whereas fitness studios focus on smaller classes for individual training.

Depending on the studio type, we understand that a high-visibility unit is usually preferable for signage opportunities and passing trade. This now includes shop front units, which also fall within use class E and offer excellent opportunities. We also understand that lower ground floor or basement spaces in suitable locations may also appeal to this type of user, especially where there is less need for natural daylight.

We believe that our experience in the market will benefit you. We seek properties with angles other agents may not have considered and, therefore, can offer unique opportunities. We also understand how fitness trends vary in the market, especially having seen periods of rapid growth within sectors such as yoga and hot yoga studios, reformer Pilates, and various other class-based trends. We keep up to date with these trends to ensure we can offer the right advice on potential commercial properties as and when it is required.

Our expertise within the market will assist you in finding the right property. Let us know your requirements so we can find you the right property.

How We Can Help

Please do get in touch if you wish to discuss further; we specialise in:

  • Disposals by way of lease or sale of freehold or long leasehold interest of D2/E properties suitable for Fitness Studios
  • Purchasing freeholds and long leaseholds of properties suitable for Fitness Studios
  • Rentals or new leases for properties suitable for Fitness Studios
  • Guidance on opportunities that require planning permission, and working with various consultants to ensure the correct advice is given from the right source

Expert D2/E Commercial Property Assistance

  • We offer guidance on likely rental levels achievable should a property come to market suitable for D2/E use
  • We offer guidance on likely sale levels achievable should a property come to market suitable for D2/E use
  • We can advise on the process of renting or selling a property from start to finish, offering advice, guidance, and recommendations.
  • We can offer guidance as to the suitability of properties, planning implications, lease terms, negotiating etc.
  • We can provide an up-to-date guide on market trends should you need a better understanding of the market

Please contact us for further assistance with your fitness studio property search; we are always delighted to help.

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