We set out below brief answers to some frequent questions which have been asked over many years by applicants and clients who are buying, selling, taking or granting a lease of D1 properties (now E/F1/F2 and sui generis), particularly for religious or community occupation. We trust that this will be of assistance to you. For further clarification as to these answers, if you need specific advice, or in respect of former D1/D2 uses, please call us for an informal and confidential discussion relating to how to deal with your property.

Starting The Process


In September 2020 the commercial planning use class changed and Class D1 and D2 were revoked entirely and replaced with classes E, F1, F2 and Sui Generis, you can find further information on the link below:

Please click here for further information 

Given that these changes were introduced recently, it is recommended that you seek independent professional advice regarding any specific occupational concerns. Please call  us to discuss any issues that you may be concerned with, or we can recommend planning consultants who may be able to provide more detailed information and guidance.

Our Building

Buying and Renting

The comments in these FAQs are very general in nature and not a substitute for taking professional advice at the appropriate time.

We have included these FAQ’s which have been raised over many years given our specialisation in this niche sector of the property market and are included hopefully to assist you. Given the scope of this matter, we cannot address every issue. Accordingly, please note that the answers given only provide you with general information and should not be regarded as a substitute for undertaking all due diligence including valuation, survey, legal and other appropriate independent professional advice.

Bernard Gordon & Company will in most circumstances be very pleased to give advice and assistance on all matters, specifically with regard to properties having former D1 and D2 planning uses or potential to obtain these uses (now E, F1, F2 and sui generis)

In all cases, do call us to discuss your particular requirements and concerns.